Best Wall Colors For Stained Trim

Posted By Volterra Jan 08, 2016

stained moulding to painted moulding to keep the wood closer to its natural roots. In the other camp are the homeowners who like the crisp look of white or off-white painted moulding because it seems to go with everything, making wall color choices easier. The natural look of wood stain, preserving the wood in its original state, keeps the use of stained moulding forever classic, but for walls to look their best, framed by stained moulding, there should be more consideration before deciding on which wall paint color to use. Simply put, different stain colors lend themselves better to different paint color families. The key to decorating walls is to have harmony between the walls and the trim. Clashing colors between the two can make the room feel uncomfortable. The most important thing to take into account should be whether you want your stained moulding to pop out in contrast or softly blend in to the rest of the surroundings. A guideline to keep in mind is that pure, bright whites look best when paired with darker mahogany, espresso, walnut, or ebony stained moulding for contrast, and deeper shades of grays, blues, greens, and reds for blending. Creamier, off-whites and beiges, and warm golds, yellows, and oranges tend to go better with oaks, pines and maples for softer blending. Volterra Architectural Products, in Phoenix, AZ is a leading manufacturer of fine hardwood moulding and millwork. To learn more call 602.258.7373.