Buying a Custom Mantel for Your Fireplace

Posted By Volterra May 08, 2017

mantel is that you get a piece that is unique and helps to express your inner self and your personal taste. A custom fireplace mantel not only brings a sense of utility to the otherwise empty space around the fireplace but also accentuates the other pieces around the fireplace giving the room a good ambience. It also adds functional space for displaying family portraits or artwork. Choosing the right mantel means balancing design and cost.


You definitely don’t want a mantel so big that it will take away from the fireplace. Nor do you need a small mantel that will only make the fireplace look unfinished and clumsy. Choose a decent size mantel that extends beyond the fireplace by a few inches on either side, or that fits the fireplace surround.


Wooden mantels are the best when it comes to accentuating fireplaces. The good thing about opting for wood is the fact that it can be easily stained or painted to match the surrounding décor in your house, and offset any stonework or other tile in the background. Faux wood mantels, which come in a variety of wood grain textures and stains, are a great choice because they are less expensive and very easy to install.  You have the option of metal and marble as well, although at a much steeper price.


Depending on the style, design and material used to make the custom mantel, you can spend anything from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. You therefore need to be mindful of your budget before you consider making a purchase. The actual dimensions of your mantel will determine how much you spend, as well as any design details that are added to the surface. Volterra Architectural Products offers faux wood mantels in several sizes that can be accented with corbels, moulding and other products to create a completely unique finish for your home. Don’t spend another day with a drab fireplace. Turn it into an inviting gathering place.  Call Volterra at 602-258-7373 or visit their showroom in Phoenix, Arizona to see a variety of mantels and other specialty architectural products.