Casing installation

Posted By Volterra Apr 02, 2018

Casing Strictly speaking, casing is used to refer to the woodwork that is used specifically around doors and windows. This includes the sides, footer and header piece. All of the parts collectively are the casing. Window casing installations can range from very plain to extremely ornate depending on the style of the building. Typically door and window casings match throughout an entire house or building.


Trim is more of an umbrella term which includes not only the window and door casing installation, but also the crown moulding, baseboards, chair rails and any other millwork in your home. Depending on your home’s design, you may find that window and door casings are notably thicker and heavier than the other trim work throughout the home. This lends itself to a more intentional look which  highlights the openings in your walls. Other types of trim, such as baseboard and panel moulding, tend to be lighter and thinner in appearance. If you are in the process of remodeling your home or  having your home custom built, knowing these two terms can simplify the process. Be sure to ask questions when a contractor is using the two terms interchangeably. This can also help you plan a DIY project. Volterra Architectural Products can help you find the perfect trim and casings for your whole home. Speak to one of our experts today at 602-258-7373 to learn more about casing designs for your windows and doors, as well as matching trim for all of your other rooms.