Casing Moulding over Entryways

Posted By Volterra Feb 23, 2015

Casing moulding fills this job duty—the perfect frame for all entryways within the house. This trim fits around surfaces much like how they would fit around a painting or a photograph. Thick and wide, casing trims are the enclosures necessary to give windows, doors, and more an appropriate amount of character.

The problem with a house without case moulding is that it looks absent of any kind of symmetry or union among its various parts. It appears muddled and without personality. Casing does not have any kind of functional or structural purpose, but it doesn’t have to. By equipping entryways with casing, you are customizing the house in a way that all of the individual parts stand out on their own. Rather than tearing apart the house’s sense of connectedness, it in fact makes it stronger by distinguishing the individual units among each other.

Entries into kitchens and halls no longer appear as massive holes in walls, and doors don’t blend in to their surrounding areas. Windows do not look like glass covering blowouts—they are real structures with real purpose. Casings are available in multiple formats. Some are straight and linear, while others are of a more curved and bumped pattern. It can even create the illusion of arched tops in standard entryways.

Casings are easy to install and easy to maintain. Dealers carry multiple sorts for varying design effects, as well as to accommodate various surfaces. To learn more about the usefulness of casing moulding, call Volterra Architectural Products at 602.258.7373 today.