Choose the Perfect Casing Moulding

Posted By Volterra Jun 05, 2017

Trim is an element of interior design which often goes unrecognized, but its impact is massive. It has become so common and ubiquitous that most interior designers don’t give it much thought and homeowners don’t pay enough attention to its potential value. When the right size, profile, and materials are selected for casing mouldings in various parts of a home, they add a finishing touch which creates focal points. When buying casing mouldings for your windows or doors, here are a few factors to consider if you want the best possible finishing touch.

Type of casing

There are many types of casing mouldings which can be used to trim your windows and doors. The type of casing moulding you decide on will be affected by the size of windows and doors and how conspicuous you want the trimmed areas to look in the end. The most common casing mouldings available on the market include the complete casings, low-profile casings, traditional casings, high profile casings and modern casings. Traditional and low-profile casings are almost identical and sport a simple design with few decorative elements. High-profile and modern casings accentuate the windows and make them more conspicuous than the other designs on that part of the wall.

The color of the casing

When looking for the best casing moulding for your windows, the color also plays a vital role. You can use casings which are similar in color with the rest of the window or decide on a different color. This will depend on how conspicuous you want the windows and doors to look at the end of the finishing. As you shop for casing moulding, think of the way you want to frame your windows. It is similar to framing a picture for display. You want to add a decorative touch which grabs the eye, but you don’t want the moulding to overshadow the image you see through the window. To see a variety of different casing moulding options, visit Volterra Architectural Products online or call us at 602-258-7373.