Choosing Decorative Shutters for your Home

Posted By Volterra Jul 31, 2015

louvered shutters, with their flat, angled, open slats, allowed for ventilation, helping air and light to pass through to the inside of a home. Louvered shutters could be closed over an open window, allowing for privacy while still letting in the breeze on a warm day. Windows have come a long way since the advent of window screens, shades and blinds, making the function of most shutters obsolete. Instead, today, exterior flat or louvered shutters are placed adjacent to exterior windows as aesthetic accents that help buildings maintain a beautiful, old architectural tradition. Adding exterior shutters is one of the few improvements that can be made to the front of a house with little expense and zero invasive construction. Volterra has a large selection of faux wood plank, panel and louvered shutters that instantly add a boost of curb appeal to any home. Faux wood products from Volterra have none of the disadvantages of real wood. Made from High Density Foam (HDF), Volterra’s shutters are resistant to swelling, cracking, warping, splitting and rotting. They look just as nice as real wood but weigh a lot less, making them much easier to install. For more information about plank, panel and louvered shutters available from Volterra Architectural Products, call 602.258.7373.