1.     Trim the Doorways – A quick way to spruce things up is to add trim around your doorways and windows. As guests enter your business their eyes will be drawn to the doorways and it will give the vision that beyond those doors is a private, professional space. 2.     Draw Attention to Your Reception Desk – If you have a reception desk at the front of your office, you can use corbels, faux wood beams, and paneling to create a more up-scale finish. These warm, natural looking materials help build a sense of welcome and inviting that is often left out of modern, cool office spaces. 3.     Adorn the Hallways – With the help of crown moulding and faux wood corbels, you can make long barren hallways appear less intimidating. These accents will break up the walls and help lift the ceiling so the walk back to your office feels short and comfortable to your clients. The perfect commercial design is a balance of elegance and thoughtful planning. You don’t want to overdo your space by adding too many accents, but you also don’t want a dull and uninviting office space. With a few simple faux wood accents, you can strike this balance just right. Your guests are most likely to notice when you highlight your reception desk and dress up your doorways. Volterra Architectural Products offers faux wood beams and accessories to fit any office space or lobby. You can choose from a wide selection of colors and finishes that look and feel just like real wood. These products are affordable and easy to install in any space. Visit us online to learn more today!