Corbels and brackets are architectural elements that literally ‘stand out’. When added in just a couple of strategic places, corbels and brackets can make your living room look and feel more decoratively finished. Instead of flat wall art, corbels and brackets added under wall-mounted shelving pieces add depth to any wall and create a great spot to showcase your favorite things. In the living room, wall shelves are the perfect place to display family photos in frames, eye catching art and decorative knickknacks, or to house a your personal library of books. Along the same lines, a brick or stone fireplace looks gorgeous with a contrasting wood mantle set above it, supported by elegant wood, iron, or faux wood pieces like corbels and brackets. The openings or entranceways between rooms, like the wall opening between the living and dining room or the one that leads from the front hallway to the living room, are often overlooked. Unless there are rounded archways, most homes are built with straight edged, square or rectangular openings. One way to add some beautiful detail, or to create a softer line, is to attach elements like corbels and brackets to the two upper, inner corners of the wall opening. These additions will be visible from both the living room and the dining room, for example, and can make a statement whether you’re coming or going. To learn about the corbels and brackets available for your home, contact Volterra at 602.258.7373.