Corbels for Non-Functional Purposes

Posted By Volterra Mar 03, 2015

Corbels were once essential pieces of architectural support in the Medieval days, when they were built into structures to stabilize fixtures like balconies, as well as portions of the roof that go over the edge of the wall. Advancements in building and constructing have devised alternative methods to the corbel’s elaborate arrangement, but it has still survived throughout the ages in different forms and for different purposes. Many people still love the corbel for its elaborate appearance and elegant shape, which is why it enjoys popularity even to this day. Non-functional corbels find themselves stuck under countertops, ceilings and entryways to serve as striking decorative features. Decorative corbels can be placed in the corners of just about any surface, whether it is where a wall and the ceiling meet or in order emphasize an entry way. They come in various shapes and sizes for different effects as well. Some are short with a simple curved side, while others are long and slope up and down throughout their whole forms. Some are created for the purposes of extending all along the bottom of an upper surface, and other types have long bodies that go down the side of a wall, the top only protruding slightly along the upper surface. Volterra Architectural Products manufactures top-of-the-line corbels for all decorative purposes and in all shapes and styles.