Creating Ceiling Beams

Posted By Volterra Jan 17, 2016

architectural beams on a ceiling is a great way to accessorize a room with style, warmth and charm. It becomes an even easier job with the use of lighter-than-wood, faux wood architectural beams. The faux beams not only weigh less, but they look incredibly like the real thing, especially when not being examined right up close because they’re installed on the ceiling. If the ceiling is flat, many homeowners choose to either run some beams in parallel rows or to set the beams up in a grid formation. For another layer of depth, an option is to create either of these beam patterns on top of a layer of ceiling-covering, flat faux wood planks. To accommodate any sized ceiling, Volterra makes faux architectural beams in lengths from 8 feet to 30 feet. There’s no set rule on how far apart beams should be spaced – it’s a matter of preference, depending on how large the ceiling is that you’re working with. Most commonly, architectural beams are spaced 4 feet apart, but 2 feet or even 8 feet look nice as well, when creating a parallel pattern. For a cabin, cottage, or Old English feel, a coffered ceiling, with architectural beams set up in a grid, is also a beautiful look. The coffered pattern may seem like a daunting task, but by using faux wood products from Volterra, this classic ‘old-house’ feature becomes a much easier endeavor. For more ideas about how you can beautify your home with architectural beams contact Volterra in Arizona, at 602.258.7373.