Creative Uses for Faux Wood Planks

Posted By Volterra Mar 10, 2017

•    Building a Gazebo A gazebo is a great place to gather outdoors with your friends and family. It provides shade and a convenient seating area for everyone. Faux wood planks can be purchased in different colors and textures to emulate the look of a real wood building, without the fear of weathering and aging that may damage your gazebo over time.

•    Textured Ceilings

Another one of our favorite uses for planks is creating textured ceilings with a bold look. Faux wood planks can be purchased with rounded or angled edges and tongue and groove sides so that the planks fit together flawlessly. A dark stained plank ceiling can add a warm, comforting feel to any large room.

•    Feature Walls

Perhaps you are looking for a way to create a feature wall in your room, but don’t want to use a brightly colored paint. Faux wood planks can be used to create either vertical or horizontal lines that stack across the wall. This also creates a gorgeous backdrop for hanging art. These are just three of the uses for planks that can immediately change the look of your home or landscape. Faux wood planks are versatile and sturdy, so they can be applied inside and out for a change of style. Different textures and finishes make it possible to get just the right authentic look. Volterra’s gallery showcases a variety of other uses for planks. You can visit our online catalogue today or call us at 602-258-7373 to choose faux wood planks for your home and get ideas!