Creative Uses for Flexible Moulding

Posted By Volterra Sep 17, 2018

Frame Your Arched Doorways Arched doorways have a strong visual effect all on their own, but nothing is more impressive than an arched doorway with a gorgeous piece of trim roped across the top. With flexible moulding, you can easily install a piece of moulding to frame your arched doorways and make them look that much more exotic!  

Create a Beautiful Ceiling Design

One of the hottest trends of the movement involves adding faux wood beams or moulding to your ceiling to create interesting patterns. This same project can be done with flexible moulding to create intricate designs that look like something out of a Victorian palace.  

Celebrate Your Home’s Curves

Naturally, the best way to use flexible moulding is around curved walls and other areas where there is already a curve to follow. Whether you’re working around a tub or a sink or following an arched window, flexible moulding can serve as the perfect accent.   Volterra Architectural Products carries flexible moulding products for any project you have in mind. If you have a moulding project in mind, visit Volterra online for a full gallery of project ideas or to order your flexible moulding today.