Custom Designed Decorative Millwork

Posted By Volterra Nov 07, 2018

Benefits of Custom Moulding Design

  1. Eye-catching crown moulding draws the eye upward, giving the illusion of space and height in your interiors.
  2. Custom millwork allows you to restore and imitate historical styles that are now hard to find.
  3. Thoughtful millwork creates consistency in design from one room to another.
Volterra offers special decorative moulding that can be customized, giving your home a look that’s utterly unique. Decorative moulding comes in a wide variety of designs. There are a few styles that are especially distinctive, and give a nod to different historical periods and famous buildings, which can add a feeling of timelessness to your home. Here are a few styles that you might see in luxury homes: Dentil Moulding: Dentil moulding is strongly linked to Greek, Roman, and Neoclassical architecture, and features neat geometric rows of squares projecting below the cornice of a structure. Egg and Dart: Egg and dart moulding (also known as egg and tongue moulding) is a highly ornate style that appears as alternating egg shapes interspersed with darts or other decorative features. Cornice: Cornice moulding is also closely linked to classical style, although it often features a more streamlined design built to imitate the appearance of columns, especially in corner blocks. Bead: Bead moulding appears as a repeated pattern of small circles offering a subtle yet distinct decorative effect. You might also see pearl moulding, which is similar, but smaller in detail. Floral or Greenery: Want something unavoidably ornate? Try a floral, leaf, or fleur de lis pattern like those found throughout the palace of Versailles. Leave it to the French Baroque style to be lavishly ostentatious.

Contact Volterra for Custom Millwork

Custom design for hardwood moulding and millwork can be hard to find. You need to find a manufacturer who is detail-oriented, and able to give you a consistent, high-quality product. Visit Volterra for decorative millwork custom designed with exactly the aesthetic you want.