hawkeyeBuilders and architects are raving abtruss-drawingsout our decorative ceiling truss designs that launched earlier this year.  The line was launched with nine different styles all of which are offered in different textures and colors.  Additional styles will be revealed, each with it’s own unique style.  Home owners have many choices when it comes to ceiling beams and trusses whether the desired look is subtle with arches close to the ceiling, or dramatic with varying king posts, queen posts, arches and beams.  These systems are available in most any size and pitch to fit different size rooms and ceilings.  Faux wood trusses are made of a light weight polyurethane foam material so they are easy to install and much cheaper than using natural wood beams and posts.  Functional ceiling trusses can add character to a space, but have limitations.  Decorative trusses add warmth, beauty and a style that adds a custom look and feel to any home or building.  Builders and architects are choosing faux wood trusses over natural trusses more and more because they look just like natural wood, but are less expensive, easier to install and a fraction of the cost to install.  What makes Volterra’s ceiling truss designs even more attractive to architects and builders is the complete installation kit that is available.  This kit come with all of the necessary parts, components, fasteners  and installation materials, along with CAD drawings and instructions to help a contractor or home builder install the system.  This complete system makes for a hassle-free installation process.  The nine original styles:  Huntsman, Braddock, Sawtooth, Catskill, Aspen, Hawkeye, Wasatch, Oxford and Cascade are available in all of Volterra’s signature wood textures:  Rough Sawn, Hand Hewn, Tuscany, Doug Fir and Sand Blast.  All of Volterra’s faux wood beams, trusses, planks and corbels come either primed and ready for stain or in five color choices that look like natural wood hues.  More information is available by visiting