Decorative Shutter Design Ideas

Posted By Volterra Jan 22, 2019

Rustic shuttersFor most people, window shutters are more of a design feature than a functional addition to a house. They can seriously transform the look of your home’s exterior, and they offer a space for you to add some creative touches of your own. Shutters can also be used for a range of interior design projects if you want to exercise your artsy side.

Barn Style Shutters vs Slatted Shutters

On the exterior of your home, you can choose from several different shutter styles. Barn style shutters tend to look simpler with a few vertical boards and a couple of horizontal braces. They look simple and rustic, and usually they are made of dark colored woods that age to look rustic. On the other hand, modern slatted shutters are a bit more complex in nature. They look best if they are painted a bold color that matches your trim and stands out from the exterior wall color. However, they can be difficult to paint because of the slats.

As Backdrops for Art

If you are looking for a backdrop to make your artwork or photos stand out on your wall, shutters offer an interesting option. They have a lot of texture, and they are the perfect size for you to secure a few picture frames on top of them. They also have plenty of spaces for you to hang things from with ease. Some people use shutters to make signs for their home, displaying their last name or simple words like “Love”. Shutters have come a long way since their introduction as a functional and protective part of our homes. Now we see shutters installed as a purely decorative element that adds to the interiors and exteriors of our homes in unique ways. If you are in search of beautiful decorative shutters to add to your home, visit Volterra Architectural Products today.