Decorative Ways to Spruce Up Your Staircase

Posted By Volterra May 10, 2019

staircase designIf you have stairs, you most likely walk up and down them every day without a second thought to their decorative effect on your home. In reality, the stairs are an ideal area for creativity, going beyond the strictly utilitarian use we have for them. With a few simple changes to your staircase, you can dramatically add to the visual appeal of your home.

Add Accents to a Bland Carriage  

If your staircase has a large closed carriage (the outer angled part that holds up the actual stairs,) you can add decorative pieces to this for increased visual interest. Decorative pieces in a variety of materials and colors, such as corner trim pieces in woods and metals, can turn a plain carriage into a complementary accent to the rest of your home.

Give the Risers a Pop of Color

The risers are the vertical faces under each landing step of the staircase. To add a unique touch to your entire staircase, paint the risers, attach wallpaper strips or add ceiling or decorative tiles to them. This subtle addition won’t impact the stairs you step on, but provide a modern and creative peekaboo effect for those standing at the bottom.

Help the Newel Posts Stand Out

The front newel posts of a staircase are often the things we don’t think about at all, but if you choose, they can be one of the most intricate and detailed aspects of the entire staircase. The individual parts of the newel post, such as the cap, the post itself and the base can be uniquely designed. While some have intricately carved details at the time of purchase, others are a simple box or turned circular shape that leave room for additional design details, such as a decorative bolt accent or design pattern. Adding some decorative elements to your newel posts can help your staircase stand out. To learn more about the ways that we can help you upgrade your staircase design, contact Volterra today.