Designing Your Vaulted Ceiling With Beams

Posted By Volterra Feb 28, 2020

Vaulted ceilings are extremely popular among homeowners these days. They help your home feel open and airy, and they work well with today’s modern open floor plans. However, many people want to decorate that big open space instead of leaving it plain. That’s where ceiling beams come in handy. There are many ways to design a vaulted ceiling with beams to enhance the look of your room. 


Ridge and Rafter Ceiling Beams


Perhaps the most common way to finish a vaulted ceiling with beams is simply to create a ridge and rafter system.  This design features a ridge beam that runs the full length of the vault’s peak.  Rafter beams are installed on the angled ceiling and run from the base of the ceiling, to the peak where they meet the ridge beam.


Parallel Beams


If you’re looking for something a little less common, you could try parallel beams on your vaulted ceiling. In this design, the beams actually run horizontally across the full length of the room, creating a tiered look on either side. This design style is good for rooms that have a shallow vault or rooms that are not very long, because the horizontal orientation will make the room feel larger.


Painting vs Staining


Another important question you need to ask yourself is whether you want your ceiling beams to be painted or stained. Many industrial and modern style homes use plain white beams that fit into the sleek monochromatic theme of the home. However, using a bit of dark coloring can actually enhance your vaulted ceilings a great deal. For this classic style, choose a wood beam in a medium to dark toned stain that matches well with the other colors in your room. If you have other wood trim or wood floors, choose a color to match that. This will tie the whole room together well. With faux wood beams, you can find a wide range of color options that closely match the grain pattern and coloration of your existing wood trim. 


Vaulted ceilings with beams are all the rage. If your vaulted ceilings are feeling bare, it may be time to consider adding your own faux wood beam design. Visit Volterra online today to see our full gallery of ceiling beams and how we have used them to create some stunning results.