Different Decorative Corbels for Different Surfaces

Posted By Volterra Feb 24, 2015

decorative corbels that exist purely for design. Is this a counterintuitive creation? Not at all. The creative thinking and eye for design that goes into the molding of these corbels has led to many beautiful architectural displays. They can be installed onto many different surfaces to provide elegance and the illusion of support.   Corbels come in many shapes and styles, and there is no limit to what they can look like when they exist purely for the decorative aspect. Slip a row of corbels under a kitchen counter that rests at the top of the body and looks to be supporting the countertop that protrudes outward. These additions instantly add an air of sophistication and classiness about the counter, no matter how plain or standard it may look beforehand. Corbels accomplish this same effect with walls and ceilings. Placing one in a doorway where the ceiling meets the wall makes it appear as though it is managing the weight of both surfaces, all while enhancing the regal nature of the entrance, like that fit for a king or queen.   Corbels can also fit along the areas where the top of the house meets the underbelly of the roof, lining up and down the surface in long strokes. Different corbel designs serve different purposes, of course. You are not confined to one particular style. Some are short and stubby for smaller surfaces, while others are long and slender and have pieces that jut forward in long projections. Some are angled and edged, while others are smooth and curved. For more information on decorative corbels, call Volterra Architectural Products at 602.258.7373 today.