Different Decorative Corbels From Volterra

Posted By Volterra May 20, 2015

Decorative Corbels Volterra caters to your every design motif with not one but four lines of decorative corbels cast in high-density foam (HDF):

  • Mill cut corbel
  • Doug Fir corbel—46 designs
  • Saw cut corbel—24 designs
  • Smooth corbel—14 designs
Among these 85 different designs, you are sure to find a perfect style, period and look for your interior or exterior design needs. These corbels are cast in HDF, so each one will match the others in the same design, and you are guaranteed a perfect fit and alignment. Whether playfully supporting a kitchen countertop on an island, adding a serious note to the joint between wall and ceiling or running the length of a soffit, these decorative cast corbels will establish an eye-catching rhythm.

Ease of Use

Volterra’s HDF corbels lend themselves to quick interior transformations. If you are struggling to retrofit a design in a space with walls that bow or bend, HDF is ideal. HDF can be sanded and worked easily on site, maintaining alignment of the front edge of a series of decorative corbels even as the back edges adapt to the uneven wall. All HDF products can be mechanically or chemically fastened (screws or glue), and take caulk, joint compound and tape easily for a rich, seamless transition between walls and corbel.

A Painter’s Dream

Decorative corbels in HDF can also be painted easily, with a primer to seal the surface and the same paint used for your client’s walls. HDF is nearly impervious to water, making decorative cast corbels suitable for outdoor uses in pergolas, colonnades, balcony supports and other locations where a touch of drama and style are needed. Many of the Volterra decorative corbels are cast to show wood grain, so faux painting by talented interior painters can mimic the country charm of rustic corbels or the sophisticated Italian look of the Renaissance.