Different Types of Mouldings

Posted By Paul Birkhead Sep 30, 2020

When you start investigating trim or moulding for your home, the large amount of options might surprise you. Moulding goes far beyond the simple baseboards and wall-to-ceiling seams you might have originally considered. Here are some of the different types of mouldings you are likely to run across in your research. Band A band looks fairly simple and flat, often used around cabinets or mantles. It can sit flush or be raised on the surface. Baseboard This is the moulding around the floor, which can be simple or made of different layered styles. Casing This is often used around openings such as doors and windows. It usually comes in interior and exterior varieties. The interior casing is used on the inside of the window or door and the exterior is used on the outside. Chair Rail This moulding gets its name from its original purpose of keeping chairs from damaging walls. It often sits a few feet off the floor and divides the wall into two different horizontal sections. It might actually consist of more than one type of trim. Crown This is the moulding that trims where the wall and ceiling come together. It’s also known as a cornice moulding. Panel If you have construction in your home using raised-panel walls, you might consider panel moulding. It is a very decorative option. Picture This is a special type of moulding that is also known as a picture rail, since you can use it to support hooks for hanging pictures. Quarter Round This type of moulding is a quarter of a circle rod and is often used as a base moulding. When you venture into the thought of installing mouldings, you probably never dreamed there were so many options. In addition to choosing the type, you will also need to decide between painted mouldings, which can be hardwood or MDF, and stained hardwood mouldings in various areas of your home. There are all kinds of possibilities that this type of trim presents. Ask your manufacturer about additional moulding options for your home. To learn more about the different types of mouldings available at Volterra Architectural Products, call 602.258.7373 today