Elegant and Affordable Interior Window Trim Ideas

Posted By Paul Birkhead Sep 30, 2020

Interior trim and moulding are a beautiful way to personalize and highlight architectural features in your home. With so many options to choose from—ranging from simple window casings to ornate trim options—any design or look can be achieved. While many interior moulding selections may come with a high price tag, there are some beautiful and affordable options as well. Here are some economical interior window trim ideas to consider.

Simple Plank Window Casings

One elegant, yet affordable window trim option is a simple faux wood casing around the window. Each piece of the casing—the top, bottom, apron, and side pieces—has clean lines and gives a subtle polished look to the window. With more of a modern feel, these simple wood casings can dress up window with dimension and interest. The casings can be painted or stained to match or accent any space.

Fiberboard Casings

Another way to achieve the updated look of interior window trim without breaking the bank is to use a medium-density fiberboard material for the casing. This fiberboard is an engineered wood material that is composed of wood fibers, wax and resin (which helps bind the material together). The material is then formed into planks under heat and pressure. This process creates a strong and dense material perfect for trim work. While the look of this product is high-end, the price is very reasonable. This is a great option for those looking for a lower cost option in window trim.

Window Trim to Beautify Any Home

Moulding and millwork are architectural accessories for homes. They are a great way to personalize your home and highlight architectural focal points in your interior space. While many think that interior window moulding is expensive, there are some more affordable options like a simple faux wood casing or an MDF product trim. The high style, low cost selections can make a big statement. With so many options, interior trim is a home upgrade that everyone can enjoy. Call 602.258.7373 today for details about the wide selection of interior window trim available at Volterra Architectural Products.