When deciding whether to purchase manufactured or solid wood beams for your home, your budget can be a huge factor when weighing your options. Engineered beams can be cheaper to purchase, but the big cost savings are because they are less expensive to install and they offer a lifetime of savings when it comes to long-term maintenance expenses. Initial Cost Beams from a Douglas Fir tree tend to be the most common and cost effective when searching for a solid wood beam. Although these are the least expensive, one 25-foot pine beam can cost over $1000, not including installation. When you select faux beams for your architectural details, not only do they accurately mimic the rustic appearance of real wood, but they also cost less. Installation Cost When installing a solid hardwood beam, it requires an entire team of professional contractors to lift and secure it into place. Since engineered beams are made of architectural foam, they are incredibly lightweight. With only a few common tools and some high-grade adhesive, many handy homeowners and contractors can complete the installation of these beautiful beams in no time. Faux ceiling beams can also be manufactured as per your exact measurements, saving you even more time and money on your installation. Maintenance Cost While solid wood is a durable material, it can require quite a bit of upkeep in order to ensure that it will maintain its strength and beauty over many years. Since wood is a porous substance, it requires an initial sealing prior to installation, and it will need regular maintenance in order to make sure it does not retain moisture. Wood is also prone to termite infestations, which can destroy the integrity of your beam if not properly managed. Not only do faux beams offer an identically aesthetic product when compared to solid wood, but they also do not require any additional upkeep in order to prevent water or termite damage. Not only are faux wood beams a beautiful solution to mimic the rustic integrity of solid wood, but they also offer a cost effective solution to any budget friendly homeowner. To learn more about the engineered beams available at Volterra, call 602.258.7373 today.