moulding and millwork.  Yet the difference they make in the appearance in your home can be significant. Crown moulding can enhance your home with added luxury and elegance.

 Is Crown Moulding the Right Design Element for Your Home?

Some have pre-conceived notions about when and where crown moulding should be used. Below are some misnomers about the utilizing crown moulding: ·         Rooms with low ceilings should not have crown mouldings. Ceiling mouldings enhance the room and create an optical illusion that makes ceilings seem taller. This gives the room a larger feel. ·         Crown mouldings are always white. Not true! Mouldings don’t have to be white. For added interest, they can be stained in colors that complement your walls, decor and existing color themes. ·         Moulding and millwork styles should be the same in every room. With the seemingly endless styles of mouldings to choose from, they don’t have to be the same in each room, but they should be a consistent size. The crown moulding you choose should maximize the aesthetic look in each room.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Room:

The styles of moulding and millwork is nearly endless, from sophisticated and modern to sculpted and ornate, there is a style for just about any style and décor. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing crown moulding for your home: ·         Super wide and ornate mouldings are best for traditional style homes. ·         Ceiling height – The width of the moulding should be based on the height of the ceiling.  Short ceilings may benefit from 2-3″ moulding, whereas ceilings 10+ feet high can support bold mouldings that are 6″ or bigger. ·         Contemporary homes can gain added warmth by using stained wood mouldings in a flat, sleek style to fit in with modern décor. Of course, other trim should match the moulding for consistency and a finished look.

Your Expert Resource for Moulding and Millwork:

Volterra Architectural Products is the manufacturer and distributor of home décor products made in the USA. In addition to moulding and millwork, they offer faux wooden beams, plasters, finishes and numerous other design elements that will let you add your own personality to each room in your home. If you or your decorator would like to know more about their products, visit their Web site or call 602-258-7373.