Exposed Trusses Are In

Posted By Volterra Oct 02, 2017

Rustic Trusses in homes are seen as a rustic accent. The natural wood grain stands out and ties in with beautiful hardwoods throughout the house. This theme sees a resurgence every few years as we search for some classic styling in a modern world.

Modern Elegance

A new trend aims to make the trusses themselves a bold accent in any room. More and more people are painting their trusses bright white, especially in rooms with large open windows. Accents, such as additional braces or carved filigree, are added to the trusses to give them an upscale appearance.


Some people really love the open industrial look that exposed trusses can offer.  The dark beams surrounded by cables and conduits is a look that is both rugged and super-functional. It does away with all of the frills and overtures of the classic look and lets us appreciate the mechanics of the building itself.

Adding Exposed Trusses

Decorative trusses can be added to rooms in a number of ways, even if the room does not have large vaulted ceilings. Partial trusses can be used to accent walls and make the ceiling look more striking. If you already have trusses it is easy to change the look and feel of the room by adding color or updating the hardware accents. Volterra Architectural Products has many faux wood decorative truss options to fit any style home made with our very best materials. To learn more about trusses, visit our online gallery and see some of our past projects! Or give us a call at 602-258-7373.