Eye-Catching Ceiling Design Ideas

Posted By Volterra Oct 05, 2018

Beams One of the most popular ceiling design ideas is adding beams to transform a flat ceiling into a dynamic three-dimensional element. Adding faux wood beams can mimic the look of exposed beams and transform a basic room into a unique architectural space. 


Planks add visual interest to ceiling design ideas without making your space feel too cluttered, and they come in a range of colors and textures that suit any aesthetic. One recent popular trend is shiplap effects. Normally found on exteriors of buildings such as barns and sheds, when used in interior spaces, these planks create a cozy, rustic feel. 


Truss systems are one of the most striking ceiling design ideas, especially in large spaces with high ceilings. These multi-beam frameworks fill the empty space beneath your ceiling with intriguing angular elements, and emphasize the size of your room by drawing the eye upward.  These ceiling design ideas are just a few starting points to spark ideas for exciting updates to your interiors. Volterra Architectural Products offers a wide range of faux wood products that make it easy to explore and execute new ceiling design ideas. Check out their gallery to explore your options or give them a call at 602-253-7373.