décor. Faux architectural beams are a solution to this modern problem. Any home can benefit from the elegant and charming look of architectural beams in a kitchen, living room, dining room, den, or even the basement. You may not actively be looking around, but your peripheral vision takes in all five walls of a room as you enter it – that’s all 4 standing walls plus the ceiling. Architectural beams decorate the ceiling, creating a feeling of warmth, character, and comfort, but they also serve some hidden, ingenious functions too. Three-sided, U-shaped faux architectural beams are made from a light-weight high density foam that looks like wood, but they are actually hollow inside. They’re great for installing on drywall or flat or pitched ceilings and can be used for interior or exterior applications. The hollowness of these architectural beams comes in handy when installing light fixtures, ceiling fans, sprinkler heads, duct work, or sound speakers, because they allow for unattractive wires and pipes to be concealed inside. Ceiling beams installed on flat, cathedral, or pitched ceiling complement any home décor scheme and never go out of style. To learn more about these timeless architectural accents, contact Volterra Architectural Products at (602) 258-7373.