Faux Finish Products, A Remodel Must

Posted By Volterra Sep 10, 2015

plasters and finish products. These multi-dimensional products give rise to any room décor, transcending the mood that lifeless paint alone can offer. The most overlooked component of interior design is texture. A room can be decorated in the finest fabrics and floorings, but it can still feel dull if it strikes the same visual tone all around. Plasters and finish products, when applied to wall or ceiling surfaces, can completely transform the ambiance of a room by instantly adding texture and visual interest. Volterra, a stocking and tinting distributor of several different product lines, offers the most comprehensive selection of plasters and finish products in the Southwest. Our Tivoli Grasello and Tivoli Marmorino, for interior and exterior use, are imported, authentic Venetian lime plasters, that can be used to achieve the old world, rustic look of Tuscan or French country inspired wall and ceiling surfaces. Another in our line of plasters and finish products is Tivoli Plaster, a polymer-modified composite of cement, limestone, granite and marble aggregates from 10 different mines across the country. These and Volterra’s other plasters and finish products can transform walls, ceilings, patios, fireplace surrounds and other surfaces for spaces with a newly added depth and character.