Faux Truss Installation Tips from Volterra

Posted By Volterra Jul 13, 2018

Know How Many Beams You Need While the design of your trusses is ultimately up to you, most installations space trusses about 4-6’ away from one another. In addition, some people like to have an end cap truss at each end of the room, although this is not strictly necessary. You may need to measure your room to determine how much spacing will look appropriate and use blue painter’s tape to mark the locations so you can visualize where the trusses will be.

Use Blocks of Wood to Secure Your Beams to the Ceiling

Since the center of your beams are hollowed out, all you need to do is secure a small block of wood to your ceiling every 12-18” along the line where your beam will be placed to support the beam. The block of wood can be installed using long screws, and you can slide your faux beams directly over the block and secure them with shorter screws. Just make sure not to overdo the screws through the faux wood to prevent causing cracks.

Don’t Forget to Cover Edges

If you have to make any cuts to your faux trusses and beams, you will want to make sure the edges are covered. Pick up a little bit of extra stain for paint that matches the shade of your trusses to cover any raw edges. This should only take a few minutes, and won’t be highly visible to most people, but you don’t want any unfinished surfaces to stick out like a sore thumb. The hardest part of installing faux trusses is deciding exactly where you want the beams to fall. Once you have it laid out with tape, it should take no time at all to secure mounting blocks to the ceiling and install your brand new faux trusses over them. For inspiration and installation tips, visit Volterra Architectural Products online or speak to one of our team members today.