Faux Wood Finishes Available At Volterra

Posted By Paul Birkhead Sep 30, 2020

The look of wood details throughout your home can add warmth, texture, and an important foundational element to your décor. The use of faux (a French word for “fake”) wood can offer you all of the benefits of real wood with some added benefits, as well. Both real wood and faux wood graining deliver visual appeal, warmth, and depth to a room. However, faux wood delivers this look at a cost-effective price and a higher level of durability than real wood. Whether you hope to bring the beauty of wood to your interior decor, exterior design, or both, the use of fake ceiling beams with faux wood finishes can have long-lasting benefits.

Faux Wood Is Cheaper

One of the main reasons that people choose engineered ceiling beams with faux wood finishes is the reduced price. The product cost may be less than natural wood, but the installation costs involved with faux wood beams are definitely much cheaper. Faux wood products don’t have to be replaced as often, and are much easier to maintain.

Faux Wood Resists Moisture Damage

Humidity has a tendency to cause wood to warp, expand, and become irreparably damaged, particularly if those elements are outdoors. Faux wood resists moisture and retains its beauty despite being exposed to sunlight, wind, rain or snow.

The Long-lasting Beauty of Faux Wood Reduces Repairs

When faux wood is used for decorative elements, on the inside or the outside of the home, the need to repair or replace those elements is substantially reduced. This is especially true of faux wooden beams. The installation and upkeep of real wood ceiling beams is very labor-intensive. Faux beams, on the other hand, are easy to install and require very little maintenance.

Faux Wood Is Environmentally Responsible

The use of faux wood products reduces the number of trees removed from forests every year for home decorating purposes.

Faux Wood Is Highly Versatile

There are plenty of options when it comes to faux wood finishes. Whether you prefer the rich elegance of mahogany or the rustic appeal of rough-sawn wood, you can find the look you want with faux wood beams. With the quality that you have come to expect from Volterra, you can choose faux wood products to enhance the overall visual appeal of your home. For more information about the faux wood finishes available when you purchase fake ceiling beams from Volterra, call 602.258.7373 now.