Faux Wood Planks as Ceiling Treatments

Posted By Volterra Aug 12, 2015

Faux wood planks are a very easy way to instantly change up the ambiance in any space. In rooms without a source of natural light, a flat, plain white ceiling is a good choice to reflect light back into the room, but in most other cases, a flat, plain white ceiling draws attention to the fact that something’s missing. When all four walls and the floor have been ‘finished off’, the eyes are drawn upward, noticing the distinct contrast. While a stark white ceiling is a decorating safety net, faux wood planks can take the ceiling to new creative heights, adding visual interest, dimension, insulation and a warmer atmosphere. Volterra’s faux wood planks, for the ceiling, add depth to interior rooms but can also be used to enhance exterior patio, deck, and gazebo spaces. Why use faux wood planks instead of true wood? Volterra products are made from high-density polyurethane foam (HDF), making them lighter, easier, and less expensive to install. Their faux wood planks and other products such as beams, mantels and mouldings, are cast from natural wood, so they replicate the actual surface textures and wood-grain detail of wood without the hassles that real wood bring, such as warping, splitting, bowing and rotting.