Finish Your Bathroom Redesign With Volterra

Posted By Volterra Sep 25, 2018

Crown Mouldings Crown mouldings add elegance to any bathroom redesign. Not only do mouldings make a bathroom appear more refined, but they also add visual interest to walls that may be bland or bare.  


Many bathroom redesign projects seek to create a space that feels private but not cramped or closed-off. Adding shutters to your bathroom windows creates an additional layer of privacy without cutting off natural light.  

Window and Door Trim

Like crown mouldings, window and door trims make rooms feel more elegant and finished. Incorporating trims that are similar to the architectural products you already have in other rooms can lead to a bathroom redesign that ties your whole home aesthetic together.  

Ceiling Beams

Adding ceiling beams can be an exciting bathroom redesign project for expansive spaces or attic bathrooms — especially if you love a rustic or traditional design aesthetic. Faux wood beams replicate the look of natural wood with less maintenance and greater durability.   Volterra Architectural Products offers a wide range of architectural products that can help you create the unique, luxurious bathroom redesign of your dreams. With mouldings, shutters, trims, and beams for any size space, Volterra can help you create a bathroom aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the rest of your home. For redesign ideas for any room of your house, visit their online gallery.