Flex Trim Moulding for Limitless Possibilities

Posted By Volterra Sep 30, 2020

Decorating a house can sometimes be a more nuanced process than people give it credit for. Furniture, pictures, and electronics are necessary components of the process that take up the bulk of the room, and they will be the first things friends and family notice when stepping into your home. The little details, however, also warrant consideration, such as the edges of ceilings, walls, doors, and windows. Hardwood moulding is the typical solution, and a smart one at that. But hardwood is sometimes too rigid and stiff for the right application, and that is when it is time to choose flex trim moulding. Trim moulding is the crucial unifier of a house’s outskirts, namely its walls and ceilings. A wall without moulding looks bare and jarring at its edges where it meets the floor and the ceiling. Doors and windows look naked and vapid if there is not something outlining their sides. Moulding closes these gaps and provides definition and distinction, a sort of framework that gives prominence to these features. Hardwood does not always have the elasticity necessary for the best application, but flex moulding does. True to its name, flex trim moulding has enough flexibility to fit around radius corners. The person who is applying flex moulding can complete the job with a single piece, never having to reach for another. This unique material can bend, curve, and turn with ease. It also accommodates houses that have unique architecture. Walls and ceilings that have radius curves and round rooms can be adorned with beautiful moulding that brings out their captivating eccentricities. Volterra Architectural Products is the creator of Volterra Flex™, which is a flexible trim that covers all aspects of moulding: crown, casing, base, and and even rails. The master craftspeople at Volterra manufacture all Volterra Flex™ products out of a special urethane composite material that is meant for universal application. If that wasn’t enough, these trims have a simple installation process that evades all of the hassle that typically comes with natural wood materials. For more information about the benefits of flex trim moulding, call Volterra Architectural Products™ at 602.258.7373 today.