Give Your Restaurant Design a Makeover

Posted By Volterra Jun 04, 2018

faux wood beams and planks, you can change up your restaurant design to meet this trend. Here are few ideas for improving the look of your restaurant both inside and out.

Create a Dreamy Patio Space

Patio spaces are highly desirable for restaurant guests these days. They offer an opportunity to enjoy some sunshine while sharing a meal with friends. However, most guests prefer a patio that is partially covered to a completely open patio. With faux wood beams  you can dress your patio space up with grand pergolas that look super modern or you can go for something that is more rustic and authentic.

Wood Ceiling Designs

Captivate your guests with an exotic wood ceiling design that makes the room glow. Faux wood planks and beams can be used to create a range of intricate patterns that draw the eye upward. When used with recessed lighting, you can give your restaurant space a warm, welcoming feel that radiates elegance. Choose beams in a variety of different colors and patterns, including regal moulded shapes that look like they were hand carved by master woodworkers.

Accent Walls

Change up your wall spaces with interesting textured planks featuring looks like reclaimed barn wood and more. You can easily create an eye-catching pattern on a section of wall that breaks up paint colors. The planks are easy to mount to the wall and they feel real to the touch so your guests will never know the difference! Volterra Architectural Products offers a range of faux wood products that can give  your restaurant space a whole new look. Whether you are hoping to renovate inside or out, our products are durable and easy to use. Their lightweight foam makes it possible to create complex designs without struggling under the weight of real wood beams. Visit our catalog online today to see our full collection and get ideas from our portfolio. For more information, contact us at 602-253-7373.