HDF Wood Beams v. Real Wood

Posted By Volterra Nov 08, 2016

  • Cost — Factoring in the cost of materials and installation, you immediately save a great deal of money using HDF products as opposed to buying natural wood beams. With the savings, you can afford to add even more beauty to your home.
  • You also have many options for the style of wood. Faux wood beams come in a variety of textures and stains that look and feel like real wood. Colors include, both dark and light walnut, oak, Mahogany, Primed and Espresso.
    • Quality— When looking for salvaged natural wood beams, it’s difficult to find beams that that don’t have prior damage. This includes anything from warping to insect damage. Not to mention, real wood can pose a real fire hazard. Volterra’s faux beams come in three sided u-shaped, box beams, customized arched beams and complex trusses. Volterra also offers an optional fire-rated material.
    • Easy Installation—Lightweight and durable, HDF beams can be easily installed and maintained. Not only on the ceiling, but they can also be used as framing for a large doorway or for the top of a gazebo. The only limit is your own imagination. The hollow beams make it easy to hide wiring or add accessories, such as light fixtures or stereo speakers.
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