aesthetics of your house, while adding to the future resale value. While you may not be planning on selling your home in the near future, the additions you make today will be an investment that keeps on giving if you do decide to move.

Eco-Centric Style

The newest generation of homeowners has a taste for construction that brings them closer to nature. Gone are the days of popcorn ceilings and plain white paint. These days, faux wood planked ceilings are in. This gives your home a rustic touch, while adding texture. These ceilings are easy to install and can completely change the appearance of an enclosed patio or great room with a high ceiling.

False Wood Beams for Imitation Structural Support

If your home has a large room with a cathedral style ceiling, false wood beams can break up the blank space and add extra visual interest. You can use faux wood to create imitation structural supports that divide the room with intriguing designs and detail.  This method is commonly used to cover up imperfections in your ceiling, such as seams or cracks in the drywall. Since the beams themselves are not actually structural, you can feel free to make them as intricate or as simple as you want without harming the integrity of the beam.

Two Tone Designs

Your creativity doesn’t have to stop with just one type or style of false wood beams. Many homes now feature two tone designs which include a lighter base wood to plank the entire ceiling accented by dark walnut or other darker color beams. When prospective buyers walk into your home, their eyes will immediately be drawn into the patterns on your ceiling. Two tone designs add depth and dimension to otherwise bare ceilings. There are hundreds of ways you can update your home with false wood beams. Just remember that once they’re installed, they won’t age like traditional wood, so you can bet on getting a good return on your investment whenever you decide to sell. To learn more about false wood beams and custom ceiling designs, contact Volterra Architectural Products through their website or call 602-258-7373.