How to Install Faux Wood Beams

Posted By Volterra May 26, 2020

If you want to turn an ordinary room inside of your home into something exquisite, installing faux wood beams is a great way to do so. At Volterra Architectural Products, we are a leading manufacturer of faux wood beams and other high-quality polyurethane architectural details. Our faux wood beams are manufactured with a high-quality HDF material and molds created from real pieces of wood to replicate the natural appearance of wood right down to the texture.

There are many benefits offered by faux wood beams — they are easier to install, more durable, functional, and cost-effective. Simply put, Volterra faux wood beams are an easy, affordable, and fast way to enhance any room inside of your home. 

How to Install Faux Ceiling Beams

Whether you are installing faux wood beams in your kitchen or your family living area, our collection of faux ceiling beams comes in a variety of textures and finishes which makes it easy to find the right options for your style and space. What’s more, installation is an easy DIY project for a handy homeowner. 

In this blog, our experts share how to install faux wood beams from Volterra in a simple grid pattern. You can also check out our step-by-step video for these instructions. In the video, you can see a five-hour job accelerated in seven minutes.

Step #1: Measure Layout and Chalk Lines

First things first, you’ll need to measure your ceiling as well as the layout of the grid pattern for the faux wood beams. Start by measuring to determine where the two main beams and purlin beams will go. For a clean application, use a pencil to lightly mark the ceiling where the beams will be installed. 

Step #2: Install Cleating Material & Find the Proper Beam Cut Length

Next, it’s time to install the cleating or mounting material. Start with the two main beams. Using a drill, mount the material to the ceiling. You’ll also want to measure to ensure you cut your faux wood beams to the right length, and ensure that the angle between the wall and ceiling is square. 

Step #3: Pull in Wire for Recessed Lighting

If you want to install recessed lighting inside of your faux wood beams, it is important to pull the wiring through the ceiling before installing the beams. Start by finding the proper spots on the cleating material and then drill a hole through it and into the ceiling. Have someone help you feed the wiring through each hole before moving onto the next step. 

Step #4: Install the First Beam

We’re starting to make some progress! Next, you can dry-fit the beams. If you measured and cut properly, you should be able to dry-fit the first beam in its proper location. While the beam is dry-fitted in its proper position, you can use a urethane adhesive to bond the beam to the ceiling. The adhesive should be applied to the two edges that will be attached to the ceiling. 

Step #5: Secure the Beam With Screws

After the adhesive for the beams has been applied, secure each of the faux beams with galvanized or zinc screws. Keep in mind, the longer the beam is, the more screws you’ll need. Placing one screw every 2 to 3 feet should keep your faux wood ceiling beams more than secure. 

Step #6: Install the Second Beam

Following steps four and five, install the other main beam. Start by dry-fitting it into its proper position, applying construction adhesive, and using three to four screws on each side to secure it.

Step #7: Install Cleating Material for Purlin Beams

If you didn’t in step number one, make sure you measure and map out where the purlin beams will be going. Once you have the lines marked on your ceiling you can install the cleating material. You’ll need cleating between the two main beams as well as on the other sides of each one. 

Step #8: Install Purlin Beams

Again, if you measured properly, you should be able to dry-fit the purlin beams between the two main beams as well as between each beam and the nearest wall. Use adhesive and screws to secure the beams to the ceiling. 

Step #9: Apply Finishing Touches

It’s a good idea to touch up the areas where the main and purlin beams connect. This will ensure that your faux wood beams maintain the appearance of natural wood without anyone being able to tell the difference. 

Step #10: Admire the New Look

Once you have finished installing the main beams and purlins, you can now take a step back and appreciate the elegant, natural-looking architectural detail that you just added to your space.

Installing faux wood ceiling beams is not as tough as you may initially think and is definitely easier if you have a helping hand or two. The great thing about these faux wood beams is that they will last for decades while requiring no maintenance. Once installed, they’ll be an architectural detail that will be appreciated by all who come to visit. ‘

Buy Faux Wood Beams From Volterra Today

If you are interested in adding distinctive, austere elegance to your home interior, make sure you check out Volterra’s collection of faux wood beams. Our beams are manufactured to look like real wood and are available in Doug Fir, hand hewn, and other popular textures. If you have questions about installing faux wood beams in your home, feel free to contact us!