Installing Faux Wood Corbels in 7 Easy Steps

Posted By Volterra Jul 14, 2020

Wood corbels can be applied in a variety of settings. They are a great way to spruce up the exterior millwork surrounding your home. The issue with corbels made from real wood, however, is that in just a few years they can begin to split, rot, and deteriorate. If you want to create a unique and attractive home exterior and enhance your home’s overall curb appeal with wood corbels, rather than using real wood, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle by choosing faux wood corbels.

At Volterra Architectural Products, we are a leading manufacturer of decorative corbels and other polyurethane architectural details. Our faux wood corbels are manufactured with a high-density foam material, therefore, they are more lightweight, durable, and cost-effective, yet replicate the appearance of real Doug Fir corbels.

Why Install New Faux Wood Corbels?

The benefits of Volterra’s decorative corbels are too good to pass up. Installing them is a breeze and we’re going to prove it. Watch our experts share how to properly install faux wood corbels to the exterior of your home:

Step #1: Mark Where You’ll Cut a Notch

You’ll need to cut out a notch so that the faux wood corbels will fit tightly underneath the fascia board. To find the proper cutting spot, place the corbel on the exterior wall where you will be installing the corbel. Make a mark on the top where you’ll cut a notch. After you have made the markings, use a square to draw clean lines for the notch.

Step #2: Use a Saw to Make Small Cuts

Next, you’ll need to get a standard wood-cutting hand saw. Using medium pressure, make two slight cuts on the markings you made — where the fascia will fit into the corbel. Then, use a utility knife to make the other two cuts perpendicular to the saw cuts. After that, use a chisel and mallet to chisel out the notch at a slight angle.

Step #3: Screw Wood Blocking to the Wall

Screw a pre-cut two-by-four wood block to the exterior wall through the stucco system and into the structural blocking inside of the wall cavity. The block will fit firmly in the back of the corbel. To secure the wood block, we recommend placing a screw in each corner. 

Step #4: Secure the Faux Wood Corbel to the Wood Block

Now that the wood block is screwed into the wall, you should be able to fit the corbel over it firmly. Using exterior-grade screws, fasten the corbel to the wood blocking. Make sure to countersink a screw slightly into the corbel. Then, screw the corbel to the fascia board.

Step #5: Install the Blocks

Many homes that have exterior corbels have small wooden blocks in between. If you plan on installing them, do so now. Volterra’s corbels and blocks are manufactured with HDF material. Most of our HDF products have a cavity in the back that allows for a block or cleat to be used for fastening purposes. Screws are typically enough to hold these products in place.

Step #6: Apply High-Grade Exterior Caulking

Once you have the corbels and blocks fastened, use high-grade exterior caulking to seal the corbels where they meet the fascia board. You can use the caulking to also fill in any visible screw holes. Wood putty or auto bonding can also be used to fill in screw holes for a nice texture.


Step #7: Add Any Finishing Touches

You can order faux wood corbels primed or in five available exterior-grade stains. Whichever style or type of corbels you order, do a final inspection to make sure that there aren’t any finishing touches required. You may need to add some stain or do some sanding to smooth out the dried caulking.

With all the proper tools and materials, installing these faux wood corbels is an easy weekend project for a handy homeowner. Once installed to your exterior, your home will have a custom look that is sure to add some flair to the curb appeal of your home. 

Purchase Faux Wood Corbels Today

When it comes to decorative corbels, Volterra has a variety of sizes and styles to choose from that replicate the appearance of Doug Fir — such as cove corbels, scroll corbels, and more — making it easy to find something that matches the appearance of your home’s exterior. We have faux wood corbels for both interior and exterior use, both of which require virtually no maintenance and will still last twice as long as real wood corbels would be expected to. 


Whether you want to install corbels for the first time or are looking for a durable, cost-effective solution to replace your old, weather-beaten real wood corbels, we encourage you to shop our selection of Doug Fir corbels today!