By installing Volterra’s high-quality faux wood beams, you can easily add depth and elegance to any room in your home. Faux wood beams are versatile, functional, and are very easy to install compared to real wood ceiling beams. Of all the benefits that faux wood beams offer, perhaps the most appealing is that they replicate the appearance of ceiling beams that are manufactured from real wood.

While installing faux wood beams is sure to enhance any space, you can make them appear even more realistic while simultaneously adding more charm to the space by adding VolterraFlex® faux iron beam straps and other flexible beam accessories. We manufacture these products using a highly-durable and flexible resin material. They are incredibly easy to install on faux wood ceiling beams, too. Before installing them, however, we recommend properly preparing them so that they look even more real and last longer. In this blog, we are going to share some simple steps that will help you prepare your faux iron accessories. If you would like to see these steps, we encourage you to check out this video.

How to Prepare VolterraFlex® Faux Iron Beam Straps and Other Beam Accessories

Preparing faux iron beam straps and other beam accessories does not require a lot of work or supplies. We recommend spraying these flexible beam accessories with rattle-can spray paint. The color choice is up to you, but using a flat matte spray paint will make these faux iron straps and accessories look even more like authentic forged iron. Applying spray paint will not only make it look better, but it will also help it last longer. In the video, Tim from Volterra Architectural Products walks you through how to prepare flexible beam straps, which we will reference for the sake of this post. Keep in mind, a similar process can be used for hangersplatest-plates, and other beam accessories. Before you are ready to paint your beam strap, make sure you have measured and cut it to the necessary size, then follow these steps:

Step #1: Prepare Work Area

If you want to keep the mess minimal you should create a workspace to paint your flexible beam straps. We recommend setting a table up outside with an old bed sheet laying over the top so that it does not get paint on it. Make sure you have your spray paint and that it has been well-shaken and ready to go.

Step #2: Apply the First Coat of Spray Paint

When you are ready to apply the first coat of paint. You really only need to dust the flexible beam strap with the paint. Press down on the tip with the can about 10″ to 12″ away from the strap, aimed to one side, then, in one fluid motion, sweep the paint horizontally across the surface and release the tip when you reach the other side. For complete and consistent coverage, be sure to start the spray before reaching the surface, and release it after passing it. You’ll also want to make sure that you get the edges.

Step #3: Add A Second Layer

After the application of the first layer, wait a few minutes and then get ready to add a second layer. Following the same application method, dust the beam strap with paint again. This additional layer will create a special finish, making the faux beam strap appear like real iron.

Step #4: Install the Beam Strap

Once you are finished, you’ll want to let the beam strap dry before you install it on a faux wood beam. Once the material is dry, make sure to remove any dust and debris (acetone works great). When you’re ready to install your faux beam strap, watch this video or check out this blog.

See? It is as simple as that! Adding depth and detail to faux wood beams has never been easier! If you would like to transform your interior or exterior space, check out Volterra’s selection of faux wood beams plus the faux iron straps and other beam accessories. As one of the leading faux wood beam manufacturers in the US, you can trust that we offer quality products at a competitive price. Contact Volterra Architectural Products to learn more!