How to Save on Your Kitchen Remodel

Posted By Volterra Nov 12, 2019

kitchen remodelKitchen remodels can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars if you are doing a complete overhaul. However, not every kitchen needs a complete remodel. In fact, there are many ways to save money on a kitchen remodel when you invest in a few small items that will make the biggest impact. Here are a few tips.

Save Your Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most costly parts of a kitchen remodel. Not only are the cabinets themselves quite expensive, but paying for installation can run up your renovation costs very quickly. The good news is that you can probably save yourself a ton of money by simply reimagining your cabinets. Start by removing the cabinet doors, selecting a trim, and learning how to apply the trim to the doors to give them a more decorative look. Then all you have to do is repaint and remount the doors.

Change Up the Moulding

If your kitchen is lacking finesse, it may be time to add a little bit of moulding to create a more refined look. For instance, base mouldings and crown mouldings that introduce texture to the transition between walls, floors and ceilings can drastically change the look of a room. Moulding also gives you the chance to add a pop of contrasting color that draws the eye. With these two simple projects you can reimagine your kitchen without spending a fortune. Volterra offers a number of trim options from very simple to very intricate, which are perfect for updating your cabinets or finishing out a room with moulding. To learn more, visit our online catalog today.