How to Trim Faux Beam Straps

Posted By Volterra Sep 30, 2020

An image of a faux beam strap with clavos from Volterra Architectural Products

Faux beam straps manufactured by Volterra Architectural Products are designed to hide gaps and accent both faux wood or real wood ceiling beams. These beam straps, as well as the other beam accessories that we offer, are manufactured with an incredibly flexible and durable resin material.

Our selection of faux iron beam straps are meant to be used with our high-quality faux wood beams. However, the beam size that you need will often be different from what others need, and therefore, we produce our beam straps to be longer than what is typically needed. Fortunately, our flexible beam straps are easy to trim and install.

How to ‘Trim to Fit’ Faux Beam Straps from Volterra

If you have ordered Volterra’s beam straps to install on your faux wood beams, you will need to trim them before installing them so that they will fit properly. Doing so is simple, and in this blog, we are going to walk you through the required steps. Before starting, make sure you have a steel framing square and a sharp razor blade ready-to-go.

Step #1: Determine the Measurements

Before you trim your beam strap to fit, make sure you have the right measurements. By strategically placing a properly measured beam strap, you can make the faux wood beams in your home look even more real while adding more depth and detail. One you have the measurements, feel free to mark the beam with a pencil.

Step #2: Start Making the Cut

Using a steel frame, line up where you will be trimming the beam strap. Next take a razor blade to score the material at the trimming point. Use the razor blade to continuously go through the material until the cut has been made. This should leave you with a nice, square cut.

Step #3: Get the Strap Ready for Installation

When you have trimmed the beam strap to fit your faux wood beam, there are a couple more things you can do before installing them. First, you should make sure that dust and debris is removed from the beam strap. This can be done by using acetone and cloth. Additionally, you can make the strap look even more like forged iron by preparing them with spray paint. Additionally, you can add a custom finish to faux beam straps by using a metallic pewter finish. Once you have prepared your beam straps and are ready to install them on faux wood beams, watch this video.

There you have it! By following these steps you should have no trouble trimming your faux beam straps to get them ready to install on your faux wood beams.

Order Volterra Beam Straps for You Faux Wood Beams

If you want to add depth and detail to your space, order flexible beam straps are a great way to do so. Visit our website to browse our selection of beam straps and other flexible beam accessories. Contact us if you have any questions and our team will be happy to assist you!