How To Use Wooden Trim

Posted By Volterra Sep 17, 2015

decorative wood trim can turn a basic box of a room into a beautiful showplace. There are so many creative ways to use decorative wood trim beyond the ways we’re most used to — around the edges of floors, doors and windows. One way to create a classic look in, for example, a dining room or living room, is to add some elegant decorative wood trim as picture frame wainscoting. Some refer to this type of embellishment as shadow boxing. For this feature, mouldings are cut to form the shape of square or rectangular boxes that lie flat against the wall. They essentially look like empty picture frames, but there is nothing empty about the impact these have on décor when painted, either to match the wall color or in a contrasting color. Wall frames are a less costly alternative to installing raised wood panels. Another innovative idea is to add decorative wood trim with ornate profiles to liven up inexpensive stock cabinets. In doing this, plain cabinets become transformed, appearing more like expensive, custom built-ins. Ogee mouldings, capitals, onlays, corbels and keystones are also great for taking the look a step further. Volterra stocks many profiles of decorative wood trim products, in addition to our line of faux wood trims, that add distinction to any space. Premiere hardwood mouldings and millwork, recognized as superior in the industry, are now manufactured at Volterra’s Phoenix plant.