Incorporating Mediterranean Design in Any Home

Posted By Volterra Nov 14, 2019

mediterranean designMediterranean design is popular throughout the world, but too often we feel like we can’t pull it off in our own homes because of its complexity. The truth is that the Mediterranean region is quite large and encompasses a wide range of lifestyles. As such, there are many ways to incorporate the concepts of Mediterranean design in your home without having to go way overboard.

Aquatic Colors

One of the major staples of Mediterranean design is rich aquatic color schemes that feature blues, greens and purples. These are also accented by bold gold and some deep browns and light beiges. An easy way to do this in your home is to pick an accent wall and splash it with bold color, while leaving your trim a natural wood color that will tie the whole room together.

Complex Textures

The Mediterranean is home to some of the world’s most extravagant construction featuring natural materials. Much of Mediterranean design features rough cut stones and naturally textured woods. With faux wood beams, you can mimic the look of these beautiful elements easily. There are also a number of faux stone options that can give you the perfect hue for your room. Texture can also be added to your home with unique plaster finishes that infuse your home with traditional-looking natural warmth. Browse our Italian Lime plaster gallery to get some ideas. As you can see, Mediterranean design is all about creating a space that takes advantage of the seaside appeal of the region. You can replicate this by bringing in bold colors mixed with strong natural elements. Volterra has a wide selection of faux wood and stone products to help you recreate the rooms in the magazines.