interior wood trimInstalling interior wood trim around your doors and windows can be a little bit tricky. There are many angles to measure and cuts to make, and if you’ve never done this before you might feel overwhelmed. The good news is that most beginners can complete this project with just a few days time and some practice with a saw.

In a Perfect World

In a perfect world, every corner of your windows and doors would form a perfect 90 degree angle. Unfortunately, due to settling, aging, and a variety of other factors, you will quickly discover that most of your doors and windows do not form perfect 90s. This is something you must be prepared for before you cut your first piece of interior wood trim. Instead, cut two test pieces at 45 degrees and hold them together to make a 90 degree angle. Now, go around your window or door and hold this test piece up to see whether or not it fits properly. If not, you will need to mark the pieces and take them back to your saw to re-cut them to the correct angle. Make small adjustments and keep testing before you start nailing things down. Of course, another great way to make your interior trim look perfect is to utilize flexible trim moulding like VolterraFlex™ around radius walls or arched doors.

Start at the Top

Once your cuts are made, start installing your interior wood trim at the top of your doors and windows first. Once the header piece is up, place both sides, and install the bottom piece last. This is because it will be easier to hide any odd cuts or weird angles if they are at the bottom, whereas they would stand out if they occurred at the top. Use a nail gun to attach your trim to the studs and the frame, and you’ll be done in no time. Interior wood trim is not difficult to work with, but you must be sure to measure and test each piece before you drive the first nail. For tips on how to make this process easier, contact Volterra today and ask about our trim options.