Interior Mouldings and Trim Make A Dramatic Impact

Posted By Volterra Mar 02, 2018

Baseboards Baseboards are the moulding pieces that are closest to the flooring.  While we take them for granted,  they make a huge difference in keeping the room from looking naked.  Just by adding baseboards you can significantly change how a room looks.  Depending on the height of the ceiling, your baseboard can be anywhere from 4 to 10 inches high.  If the room has hardwood floors, consider adding shoe moulding.


A great way to differentiate rooms is by placing casings on doorways between entryways. The status quo in terms of size for casings is usually around 2.25 inches wide and 1.75 inches deep from the outside of the edge.  But, you can change this up depending on the look you like.

Crown Moulding

As with baseboards, these little details make such an impact. Crown moulding helps draw your eyes upward which can make a room seem higher than it really is. It goes at the top part of the wall and comes in all kinds of colors, shapes, design details and more.  Even an 8-foot room can become so much more dramatic with a simple 5 inch base addition of crown moulding.

Finishing Touches

Beyond just paint, there are also optional features you can add to interior mouldings such as tongue and groove products that can be added to corners to make the room look even more drastic. For more information about interior mouldings or optional features visit Volterra Architectural Products to view our catalog or call 602-258-7373.