Introducing Faux Steel I Beams from Volterra

Posted By Volterra Jun 02, 2020

Steel is a part of our country’s history of industrialization, playing a significant role in America’s most prominent architectural designs. While steel has historically been used to build the skyscrapers that dot the skylines in cities across the country, the material has become an asset in interior design for its stunning, modern look that works well with almost any style of decor.


In the mid-century modern era, homeowners and designers are incorporating steel and other metals into interior design to make a statement in both form and function. The aesthetics of steel cannot be denied and it’s why the material is ideal for interior architectural details, such as steel beams. However, don’t expect steel beams to come at an affordable price point. If you have always wanted decorative steel beams, but don’t want to go through the hassle and financial-burden to install them in your home, Volterra Architectural Products has the ultimate solution. 


Benefits of Faux Steel I Beams from Volterra Architectural Products

Volterra is renowned as the largest faux wood beam manufacturers in America. Our faux wood beams look identical to real hardwood ceiling beams but are manufactured with high-quality, high-density foam material. Now, to meet the needs of spaces that feature a minimalist, industrial, or modular design, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our faux steel beams. Unlike our collection of faux wood beams, our faux steel decorative beams are constructed from poplar hardwood and they perfectly replicate steel I beams. 



Volterra’s faux steel beams are one of a kind. There have not been many options available when it comes to decorative steel beams that are easy to incorporate into your interior design. With these faux steel beams, you can now add the classic, iconic, and beautiful look of steel in your kitchen, finished basement, or any space in your home!



Incorporating real metal beams in your home is typically something that needs to be done during the design and building process. Real steel beams are extremely heavy and your home will need to be able to support them. Plus, without question, you would not be able to install them yourself — you would need a team of people if you were going to try to pull it off. Comparably, faux steel beams are lighter weight and a licensed contractor can easily install them. 


Looks Real

The look of real steel or metal will complement natural materials like wood and create balance and definition in any interior environment. Our hardwood I beams are built and finished to look like authentic steel beams. If you were to have a faux steel ceiling beam installed next to a real one, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference unless you studied each beam closely or touched each one.



The timeless versatility of decorative steel beams has made them so popular for a variety of today’s interior design styles. Because our faux steel beams are lightweight compared to steel, they are far more versatile than real steel beams. You won’t have to worry about maintaining the structural integrity of your home — you can install them wherever and however you want to be in line with your vision.


Steel is a very durable material and can withstand the test of time. Our faux steel beams are manufactured with poplar hardwood, so they are more durable than you would expect. You won’t have to worry about rust or any other issues that come with real steel beams. Whether you want to use faux steel beams in the kitchen or in your outdoor living space, these beams are are durable and maintain their beauty over time.



As mentioned earlier, the cost of faux steel beams is significantly lower than the real ones. The cost to install steel beams alone is going to be steep. Because faux steel beams are lightweight, easy to install, and require little maintenance, you can save a significant amount of money when incorporating them into your interior design. If you have always wanted to achieve a minimalist, industrial, or modular look inside of your home with steel ceiling beams but have never had the budget for it, you are in luck! The cost-effectiveness of faux decorative steel beams will help you get the look you want while keeping more money in your pockets. 


Order Faux Steel Beams for Your Home

Considering its look, durability, and versatility, it is no wonder why steel material has become increasingly popular when it comes to interior design. If you have been itching for ways to incorporate the look of steel in your home, these faux steel beams are the ideal solutions. Incredibly versatile, affordable, and unique, these faux steel beams are a great way to add a stunning, modern touch to your home interior. 

If you are interested in ordering or learning more information about the selection of faux steel beams we offer at Volterra Architectural Products, contact us today!