moulding products.  Interior moulding not only adds style to your home but can also serve a practical purpose, as is the case with chair rail moulding. Volterra Architectural Products, LLC, manufactures and sells both hardwood and flexible moulding so you are certain to find exactly what you’re looking for. Types of moulding products offered by Volterra include:

  • Hardwood Moulding: Volterra stocks numerous profiles and can produce almost any custom profile to satisfy any theme or design. Our hardwood moulding page offers a complete listing of stock profiles, in addition to a complete product catalog.
  • Flexible Moulding: Volterra is the exclusive manufacturer of Volterra Flex™, a custom and extensive line of flexible trim moulding. We incorporate the highest quality flexible resin in an original formula rarely used by other manufacturers due to cost restraints. Our stock moulding profiles guide offers a look at all possible styles and dimensions for our Volterra Flex™ product line.
To learn more about our moulding products, or to place an order, we invite you to fill out our online contact form, or contact us by phone: (602)258-7373.