Make Your Walls Come to Life with Panel Moulding

Posted By Volterra Dec 10, 2018

Size and Scale of the Panel Mouldings The size of the mouldings you decide on will dictate whether the room will light up or look stifled. The size of the mouldings directly depends on the size of the rooms and the number of elements contained in the rooms. If the rooms are large, then purchasing smaller mouldings would not be advisable as they will blend in too much and disappear. Large rooms look perfect when they are dressed up in deep and heavy panel mouldings which are proportional to the size of the walls.

Color of the Mouldings

Use panel moulding colors that are brighter than the wall paints if you want the mouldings to be focal points in the room or colors with a darker shade if you don’t want the mouldings to stand out too much.

Orientation of the Mouldings

There are many types and patterns of panel mouldings you can use in modern interior design. The choice of mouldings will depend on your preferences and how original you dare to be. Whatever type of panel mouldings you use to spice up your interior and add a decorative element, we have got you covered here at Volterra Architectural Products. Browse through out mouldings and purchase quality products at an affordable price. To learn more about our selection of panel mouldings or any of our other architectural products, visit our website or call (602) 258-7373.