Millwork for Universal Application

Posted By Volterra Sep 30, 2020

Comparing a new house to a house that has been lived in for a long time draws many contrasts, but there is one small difference that might not be noticed until later. The floors, walls, ceilings, doors, and windows of a complete house stand out more than those in the new house. They are given special framing to make them pop out and look strategically connected to one another. That is the magic of millwork in effect. Moulding and millwork are vital parts of the whole, equipping the boundaries of a house with frameworks. These individual parts of a new house look convoluted and in each other’s space, with no smooth process of transition that allows for easier distinction among them. Moulding and millwork products come in handy when that distinction needs to be made, embellishing doors and walls with subtle but creative trims. When thinking of these trims like picture frames, it becomes conceivable that the same sort of effect would be necessary for other parts of a house. A doorway does not need to always be dramatic and grandiose, but a trim does make its presentation all the more special. Volterra Architectural Products produces moulding and millwork of the utmost quality for any sort of application. Whether it is base moulding, crown moulding, casing, or even flex moulding, you are guaranteed excellence in every single product. Volterra’s hardwood moulding carries with it the innate beauty of authentic wood, in addition to the special textures it has when in nature. A variety of profiles is available in different wood species, and the moulding sticks come in standard lengths that are cut by the installer to fit the space. These trims are also ready to be painted or stained to the homeowner’s or designer’s liking. Whether it is the floor, ceiling, wall, door, or window of a house, Volterra’s array of moulding and millwork has you covered. For more information about the millwork available from Volterra Architectural products, call 602.258.7373 today.