beam accessories, for example, are used all the time to take a ceiling to new heights and enhance the ambiance of a room. Faux wood beams are often used to hide ceiling imperfections and/or electrical wiring and their corresponding beam accessories can conceal any seams and gaps that can be created in installation. Volterra’s faux wood beams look like actual wood up close, so installing them up on the ceiling, along with some faux iron beam accessories just makes sense for achieving a more charming, rustic look. Volterra’s flexible beam accessories mimic the look of forged iron. Our large selection of decorative accessories includes multiple sizes of beam straps, T-plates, double-bolt beam straps, hangers, nut heads, bolt heads and clavos nail heads. Real iron beam straps and plates are used to connect wood beams, reinforcing them where they meet. Our decorative faux beams, however, are lightweight and hollow, so heavy metal connectors for bracing purposes aren’t necessary. Our faux beam strap & plate accents, with coordinating fake nuts, bolts, and clavos are finishing touches that create the appearance of actual rustic structural connectors in a faux beam or truss design.