moulding is one of the best options for sprucing up your interior décor. Since it alters the appearance of the walls and ceilings, it can lend a persistent elegance throughout the entire house.

Types of Moulding for the Home

Moulding is all about framing.  Many like to choose profiles that complement their existing style, as this allows a smooth transition between the walls and ceiling. Adding moulding with sharp contrasts can also make a subtly dramatic effect.
  • Panel Moulding: This type of trim is used to frame and accent wall panels and adds decorative flair to other types of mouldings.
  • Crown Moulding: One of the most popular types of moulding, crown performs precisely as its name. It tops off your door and functions as the seam between the ceiling and the door or wall. There are many styles of crown — from simple to detailed.
  • Baseboard: One of the more basic types, baseboard is generally used to cover up some otherwise unsightly work that is completed, but protrudes out of the ceiling.  They do an adequate job of allowing the floor to transition smoothly to the ceiling. Additionally, just because they are near the floor, doesn’t mean they need to be simple. It’s up to you to spruce them up and a decorative touch.
  • Dado Rail Moulding: Another name for the chair rail,  dado rail protects your walls from chips and nicks. This is placed at the average level of sofas and chairs with respect to the wall.
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